Sustainable Futures for the Caribbean:

Critical Interventions and the 2030 Agenda

Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social & Economic Studies (SALISES), 19th Annual Conference


Papers are invited on the following sub-themes/topics:

  1. Caribbean Regional Inequality, Structural Adjustment and a new Growth Agenda
  2. Latin America and Caribbean integration: Strategies for Sustainable Development
  3. Constitutional Reform and Local Governance for Democracy and Development
  4. Gender, Sexuality, Class, Racial Power and the Politics of Inclusion/Exclusion
  5. Caribbean Ecosystems: Social Growth, Environment and Financing for Development
  6. Reparatory Justice, Criminal Justice, Labour Justice and Sustainable Development
  7. Migration, Diaspora, Cultural Investment and Development
  8. Global Governance and Public Policy for Sustainable Trade, Investment and Growth.
  9. Educational Philosophy- Training, Teaching and Learning
  10. Community and Social Enterprise Development as sustainable new growth models
  11. The 4th Industrial Revolution- The Future of Work and Competitiveness
  12. The Medical Cannabis Industry, Health and Development
  13. Sustainable Cities, Tourism and the Green Economy
  14. Poverty, Social Exclusion, Marginalization and the crises of Modern Power
  15. Sport, Development and the ‘spirit’ of Caribbean people’s ‘to di world’ agenda
  16. Climate Change, SIDS and Sustainable Rural Futures for Health and Wealth
  17. Child Development ,Youth Futures and Ageing Populations
  18. Measuring the Sustainable Development goals, risks and well-being in the region
  19. Language, Livity, The Arts, Creative Lives and the Future of Cultural Industries
  20. The Internet of Things (IoT) for global problems – Climate Change, Education, Poverty & Terrorism
  21. Globalization, Violence, Debt and Development