Sustainable Futures for the Caribbean:

Critical Interventions and the 2030 Agenda

Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social & Economic Studies (SALISES), 19th Annual Conference

Past Conferences




2017St. Augustine

Eighteenth Annual Conference –

Small Nations, Dislocations, Transformations: Sustainable Development In SIDS

2016 Cave Hill

Seventeenth Annual Conference –

Revolution, Socio-Economic Change and Freedoms

30/4/2016-1/4/2016 Barbados
2015 Mona

Sixteenth Annual Conference –

Towards Caribbean Prosperity and Happiness in an Equitable and Sustainable World (Celebrated as the W. Arthur Lewis Centennial)

14/1/2015-16/1/2015 St. Lucia
2014 St. Augustine

Fifteenth Annual Conference

Caribbean Development: Standing Still or Standing Tall? Theoretical, Empirical and Policy Challenges

23/4/2014-25/4/2014 Trinidad
2013 Cave Hill

Fourteenth Annual Conference

Towards a New Development Paradigm for the Caribbean: The Next 50 Years

22/4/2013-24/4/2013 Barbados
2012 Mona

SALISES 50/50 Conference 2012

Critical Reflections in a Time of Uncertainty

20/8/2012-24/8/2012 Jamaica
2011 Mona

Twelfth Annual Conference

Challenges of the Independence Experience in Small Developing Countries

23/3/2011-25/3/2011 Jamaica
2010 St. Augustine

Eleventh Annual Conference

Turmoil and Turbulence in Small Developing States: Going Beyond Survival

24/3/2010-26/3/2010 Trinidad
2009 Cave Hill

Tenth Annual Conference

Navigating Risks and Building Resilience in Small States

25/3/2009-27/3/2009 Barbados
2008 Mona

Ninth Annual Conference

Reinventing the Political Economy Tradition of the Caribbean

26/3/2008-28/3/2008 Jamaica
2007 St. Augustine

Eighth Annual Conference

Crisis, Chaos and Change: Caribbean Development Challenges in the 21st Century

26/3/2007-28/3/2007 Trinidad
2006 Cave Hill

Seventh Annual Conference

Social Policy Challenges in the Post-Independence Era

29/3/2006-31/3/2006 Barbados
2005 Mona

Sixth Annual Conference

Governance, Institutions and Economic Growth: Reflections on Sir Arthur Lewis’ Theory of Economic Growth

17/3/2005-18/3/2005 Jamaica
2004 St. Augustine

Fifth Annual Conference

The CARICOM Single Market and Economy: Legal, Political, Economic and Social Dimensions

31/3/2004-2/4/2004 Trinidad
2003 Cave Hill

Fourth Annual Conference

Development Strategy and Policy for Small States in the Context of Global Change

15/1/2003-17/1/2003 Barbados
2002 Mona

Third Annual Conference

Enabling Human and Economic Development

3/4/2002-5/4/2002 Jamaica
2001 St. Augustine

Second Annual Conference

Good Governance in the Caribbean: The Way Forward

14/3/2001-16/3/2001 Trinidad
2000 Cave Hill

First Annual Conference

Alternative Development in the Eastern Caribbean: The Role of the Services Sector

12/1/2000-14/1/2000 Barbados