Sustainable Futures for the Caribbean:

Critical Interventions and the 2030 Agenda

Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social & Economic Studies (SALISES), 19th Annual Conference

Ambassador Dr June Soomer

Ambassador Dr. June Soomer is the Chairman of the Open Campus Council. She received her Ph.D. in History from the University of the West Indies in 1994. She was the first female to graduate with a doctorate in History from the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies. Her thesis entitled “An Assessment of the Factors Affecting the Structure and Functioning of The British West Indies Federal Civil Service, 1947-1962”, commenced her deep passion for regional integration and has directed her career path. She served as Saint Lucia’s Ambassador to OECS and CARICOM with responsibility for Diaspora Affairs. A position she has held from 2008-2015.

Since completing her doctorate, she has pursued academic programmes in Human Resources Management, Organisation Development and Strategic Planning.  She lectured at the University of the West Indies, the University of North Carolina in Wilmington, the University of North Carolina Central and was a visiting lecturer at the University of San Francisco, Department of Curriculum and Instruction.  She also worked for ten (10) years at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank in the Human Resources Department, the Research Department and the Strategic Policy Unit. 

Dr. Soomer has diverse experiences through her work in the diplomatic, financial and education sectors obtained through over thirty (30) years of academic and professional experience functioning at the managerial, operational and technical levels.  She has a sound understanding of contemporary development issues and continues to advocate for equality and equity in sustainable development.  She currently serves as the Secretary General to the Association of Caribbean States.  The first female to serve in this capacity. Most recently she was appointed Chair of the Open Campus Council of the UWI.

Since 2010 she has served on many national and regional committees as follows:

·         Chair of the Open Campus Council of the UWI.

·         OECS Commissioner for Saint Lucia

·         Chair of the Technical Working Group on Associate Membership (CARICOM)

·         Head of the Maritime Boundaries Delimitation Team for Saint Lucia’s with Barbados and St Vincent and the Grenadines

·         Member of the CARICOM Committee of Ambassadors

·         Member of the Saint Lucia National Reparation Committee

·         Member of the CARICOM Regional Reparations Council

·         Member of the Saint Lucia Nobel Laureate Committee

·         Member of the Nobel Laureate Scholarship Committee

·         Member of the Board of Trustees – Volunteer Saint Lucia

·         Member of the National Working Group on Free Circulation of Goods in the OECS.